Welcome to the fantastic world of Eco Tour, a unique way to see the city of Florence!

We are really happy to make you discover the city in a relaxing way on board our electric vehicles. If you feel energetic and full of desire for fun or are looking for a simpler way to look around you, do not miss this experience!

The tours will allow you to discover the beauty of this city as soon as possible.


Our proposals: tours in Florence

Join on board and taste experience, the most revolutionary method of discovering Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance!


29€ a persona

Reservation required 24 hours before the tour

  • Book your guide for about 90 minutes to take you to the most beautiful and evocative places in the city. Discover now


39€ a persona

Reservation required 24 hours before the tour

  • Book your tour leader for a tour from 90 to 120 minutes from Piazzale Michelangelo.



Need to check availability 48 hours before the tour

  • Book your tour guide for 120 or 180 minutes. All there is to discover on Florence!
private guide


100€/H a cart

Reservation required 24 hours before the tour

  • Do you want to experience this experience in peace and tranquility? Try the private tour. Each cart can hold up to 4 adults and a child

About us
And [/ dropcap] cogreentours is a revolutionary travel agency and tour operator. The innovative electric cars can be safely driven in the narrow streets and bridges of the historic center, not easily accessible being a limited traffic zone.

Our main service is the electric car and our priority is to make our customers quiet and have them entertained with us. We have chosen electric cars because electricity is the new clean energy resource preferred by most people all over the planet; it is a means of transport that respects the environment. It is a vehicle that is easily driven, safe for customers and pedestrians; it is very convenient and is suitable for families, young and old; aesthetically it does not disturb the beauty of the streets, buildings and squares of Florence.

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